Battle for the Plate – 29 Social Media Ways Restaurants Can Compete for Customers Online

Social Media Second

food Good News – Restaurants are probably experience the largest industry growth in the past 10 years. Due to a strong upswing in the economy, going out to eat and hanging out with others is back to being a national pastime.

More Good News – With the boom in foot traffic to restaurants, the 82% of people who currently carry a smart phone are potential brand ambassadors for the places they visit.

Bad News – Unfortunately, for restaurants, the good news tends to end when the customer walks in the door. Instead of courting a decision making customer seeking a new place to spend time (and money) or reaching out with good content to entice new customers through the customers already sitting in their business, most restaurants let customers walk out the door with a full stomach without thinking about the next visit.

Of course, the growing trend is to offer…

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