Egypt calls for open-ended Gaza cease-fire

Global News

CAIRO – Egypt on Saturday called for an open-ended cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, urging the Palestinians and Israel to return to indirect talks.

The call from the foreign ministry came shortly after Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Cairo. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev had no immediate comment on the Egyptian call.

A temporary cease-fire collapsed earlier this week, bringing the Egyptian-brokered talks to a halt. More than 2,090 Palestinians, including close to 500 children, have been killed since the Gaza war began on July 8.

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Meanwhile, the Islamic militant group Hamas — the war’s main Palestinian participant — has signed a pledge to back any Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court. Palestinian acceptance of the court’s jurisdiction could expose Israel — as well as Hamas — to war crimes…

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