13 TOP things successful people DON’T DO.

You have to put it in your consideration!


There are zillions of articles on the must-dos of successful people. But there are also things that they don’t do, and they can be just as
important on your path to success.
They don’t:
• Spend precious time feeling sorry for themselves. They take responsibility and don’t complain. After a setback, you’ll hear ‘em say, “Oh well.” And then they move on.
• Cringe at change. They in fact embrace change and consider it a challenge. To them, an environment filled with the possibilities of change is the best to work in because it has energy and can bring out the best in people.
• Acquiesce their power. They understand that their strength revolves around their skills at
managing how they respond. Power means keeping control of your emotions and actions, and that is not something you want to put in anyone else’s hands.
• Spend time or energy on…

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