People want you to fail

I said no!


A bold statement perhaps, but sadly sometimes they really do.

Since I have gone on my own I have the “how is business” conversation daily and the reactions are 50/50.

50% of the people I speak to are amazing! It overwhelms me. They are interested, ask lots of questions, love to hear that someone it doing their own thing, are supportive, ask for updates when I see them again. That is awesome. It helps when other people get excited about what you do for you. Good inspiration, great motivation, awesome feedback, ideas and even business leads too. It gives me great joy. Not all of these conversations are positive as such, sometimes people engage with some criticism, which is also great, helps me think about and rethink my business model or general approach. I welcome this, when it is productive.

The other 50% are the worst. They are interested, but…

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