How To Motivate Millennials: 7 Best Practices

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How To Motivate Millennials is a subject executives ask me about often.  There are many people I’ve met and spoken with who feel Millennials are not motivated. In fact, I recently received a similar comment in reference to one of the many Millennial focused blog posts I’ve written called ‘Work Ethics In The Workplace: Generation Differences.’

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The comment I received is as follows… Regarding your statementMillennials have the reputation of having lazy work ethics and being hard to motivate which isn’t true…is itself untrue. Millennials absolutely do have lazy work ethics, and are among the most overwhelmingly incompetent workers I have ever come encountered. What’s even worse is they don’t seem to care.

Clearly this gentleman has had some bad experiences. I understand his frustration but do not agree; therefore, to help explain the work ethics of Millennials I responded to him by sharing 4…

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