Aside from myself, there was no sign of me (there)


Mostly Ahhhs

I don’t date. Ever.

If my happiness is delusional, then let me never waken!


(The opening statement calls for a smiley face. So that noone will think this is a sad story. Thanks, The Aneta! 🙂

-A Date-

Halfway over dinner, halfway through a bottle of wine you happen to realize you’ve been trying to fill the emptiness with meaningless social activity. An opportunity that’s seized…for all the wrong reasons. He asked you out saying:

– “I want to be with someone” also known as “I have nothing to do on lazy Sunday mornings”
(Who would like to be with just whatever-someone?)

– “It’s time to settle down” also known as  “I’m not getting any younger”
(Lucky me, I showed up just in time!)

– “And I also quite like you have tits, too”
(This one is obviously a great catch, hang in there girl!)

Not dating is about changing the default setting from unnecessary rush, fear…

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