North Africa

Rémi's Travel Adventures

July 2001 – Tunisia, Skanes
February 2003 – Morroco, Agadir
February 2004 – Tunisia, Djerba
February 2005 – Egypt, Hurghada
July 2005 – Morroco, Agadir
July 2006 – Tunisia, Djerba
April 2007 – Tunisia, Djerba
May 2013 – Tunisia, Sousse


As you can see, it looks like my family has a second home over there. To be honest, my parents are the type of people who are just looking for a nice weather, a few tourist attractions and to be looked after so these countries are prime territories for a straighforward sun-sand and sea holiday.

Tunisia and Morroco have always been very welcoming to French people due to their past history with our country. Even though the two countries are unfortunately still struggling with poverty, Tourism has enable them to open the doors to a better future (if the political situation remains stable …). I love what these countries…

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