Jumping into the unknown


Girl In the Wild World

It’s kind of scary jumping into the unknown. Unknown for me would be starting my own business. Putting myself out there has always been a dream, however the fear of It not succeeding or better yet, people in my life laughing at me and making fun of has been such a huge fear.

However, in the past one-week things really started to change.  Though I am scared as hell, I am yet taking those baby steps towards building my business.


Because I know this universe has only awesome in store for me.

 Because I know by not taking this step, I will be denying a whole lot of people that gift which only I can give.

When fear is screaming at you, you just gotta say, thank you and go ahead with what you want.

Behind fear, exists the life you want.

I am still clueless about the next…

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