Monday 3rd March.

Bill and Jaki go Traveling

Camper in Hibernation. Camper in Hibernation.

I collected the camper from storage on Friday 28th February. It has been sitting in a Barn for the last 4 months with a  CTEK MXS 5 attached to the main engine battery and another attached to the Leisure battery.

Why is this so important you may ask?

Well last year when I woke her from Hibernation as well as a bucket of dead flies I found the leisure battery had ‘fried’ and it cost me £120 to replace.

This was apparently my own fault as I had left the Old Girl connected to the mains for the winter, thinking this would keep both batteries topped up. Instead I over heated the leisure battery, which then dried out and the heat destroyed the plates in the cells. A costly lesson.

So this year, before putting her away I went to Hall’s Auto Electrician’s in Yate near Bristol…

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