Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor


This edifice is most notably as impressive as the Pyramids of Egypt. Its striking classical form, when viewed from a distance is probably the closest that Egyptian Architecture attained compared to other temples that is existing in Egypt. Thanks to the Female Pharaoh  Hatshepsut,  noted as one of the most successful Pharaohs and first great woman in Egyptian History that has an extensive reign.


The mortuary temple took 15 years in the making,  it has three layered tiers. The second tier is the terrace where two long ramps are connected with steps in between. It is believed to be adorned with Frankincense trees at the time and even its location or strategic positioning  has relevant significance to the nearby Valley of the Kings . Yes that’s where the big honchos or celebrity royalty is buried.   IMG_1640

Perhaps of all the temples that were built by the Egyptians, This one is…

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