Bitcoin users to gather in Tokyo amid MtGox woes


By Shingo Ito

Bitcoin trader Kolin Burges (C) from London is surrounded by reporters as he protests against Tokyo-based bitcoin changer MtGox in front of the company's office in Tokyo on February 26, 2014

Tokyo (AFP) – Bitcoin users in Tokyo will gather on Thursday for a meeting set to be dominated by the shuttering of the MtGox exchange amid claims of a multi-million dollar theft.

Dozens of members of “Bitcoin Tokyo” are expected to be at their weekly get-together, with some of them bracing for six-figure losses stemming from a claimed emptying of the digital vaults at the Japan-based MtGox.

“It’s going to be dominated by the issue,” said Jonathan Waller, co-organiser of the group, which works to promote the virtual currency in Japan.

Waller is one of a reported one million people who had an account at MtGox, the first exchange for the crypto-currency, and says his deposit was worth more than $100,000.

“We want to share information and discuss” what has happened, he said, adding that he was angry but felt quite powerless.

“We can’t help. We just have…

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