The Square

Tks God, it happened at last!

Scott Mauer

I just got done watching The Square,a 2014 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature, about the story of the Arab Spring in Egypt and the fall of two of their governments. It’s like watching a reality show about national revolution. One thing I had only previously realized was that the number of people in the square (which, to be honest, is actually a circle) and in the streets during the ouster of Morsi was actually *much* higher than the number that showed up to get rid of Mubarak, and was very likely the single largest street protest in the history of humankind. It certainly gets one thinking about how much power people have when they’re sufficiently pissed off to unite against the government. It also makes life here seem pretty fucking tame. Finally, it makes it that much more painful that Egypt current seems to be sinking back into

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