No Quick-Pay in Brazil

Tossing off the Bowlines


It’s Carnaval! Let’s party!

But first, we have to find a way through Brazil’s labyrinthian purchasing process.

We’re planning to go on Sunday night, the Night of Champions, with five other couples. We’re buying three tables, which will give us balcony seats, access to drinks, and bathrooms! Sounds like a great deal.

But so far, we’ve had no luck paying for the danged seats! With a friend’s help (he speaks excellent Portuguese and understands the twisted financial meanderings in Brazil), Tom made the reservations on Friday. The reservations were verified and he received a reçibo or receipt for the reservation.

He was to take the reçibo to the bank and make a payment, but we were awaiting final word on the guest count, so he went in on Monday to pay. Nope. The reçibo was ONLY good on Friday. He still (apparently) has the reservation, but needs a new reçibo

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