Marathon Meal Plans?

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Nikes in Paris

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 15.22.00I ran 18.5 miles up Montjuic on Sunday and I think it was one of my worst runs I’ve had yet, however, the day before I had run one of my best 10Ks. This got me thinking about the importance of training nutrition, admittedly a little late in the game as the race is 6 weeks away.

The night before my 18 mile run, I hadn’t eaten a very good dinner because we had a lot of people staying in our house and it was hectic; I was more focused on just getting to bed than I was on feeding myself properly. The night I went and ran my 10K, I’d eaten well during the day and the night before, which could explain my speed and my power during the run.

It is difficult having food allergies (lactose, gluten) and trying to balance a good nutrition plan, but there are…

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