50 Years Later, Cassius Clay Vs. Sonny Liston Still Captures The Imagination

Mohammed Ali ……

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – When a young boxer named Cassius Clay walked into the ring on Miami Beach; few gave him much of a chance against the heavyweight champion of the world. By the time he left the ring, Cassius Clay was well on his way to becoming arguably the greatest boxer in history.

From the beginning of the fight on February 25, 1964, something was different about this fight. Liston came out swinging and Clay used superior speed to outmaneuver the champion. Despite having a problem with his eye in one round, by the sixth round, Clay’s vision had cleared and he was on offense.

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After the sixth round, Liston didn’t answer the bell for the seventh round spitting his mouthguard out in disgust as the 22-year-old Clay immediately began celebrating as only the man known as the “Louisville Lip”…

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