The Jeep can Handle any Terrain

Damin true!


The Jeep can Handle any Terrain

Whenever I think of a car that can do anything and everything on multiple types of terrain, I think of the Jeep. It is no wonder that the Jeep, all makes, models, years, comes to mind when I picture the use of nature in an advertisement. Every Jeep ad every created uses nature to signify that this versatile car can power through every type of terrain. Whether, it is climbing mountains, going off-roading in the woods, plowing through mud, the Jeep commercials show that this car can do it all. This ad is just another depiction of all that the Jeep can do, as it sits on a slanted rough ground with an abundance of mountains in the backdrop. Don’t we all, in the very suburban/urban communities of the 21st century, use our cars as toys to off-road many types of terrains? The sole purpose of nature in every single…

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