“What Happy People Do Differently: #1 They Seek Risk, Not Reward”

Keep smiling!

On The Upper Side


A number of my recent posts have explored the idea of taking risks and how doing so relates to happiness.  So you can imagine my excitement when someone sent me an article about “What Happy People Do Differently.”  The article opens with an explanation of happiness as partly emotional and, therefore, highly controllable.  The article continues by explaining that “happy people, it seems, engage in a wide variety of counterintuitive habits that seem, well, downright unhappy.”  

These two ideas made me think of past vacations in foreign places where I did not speak language, was  unfamiliar with the cuisine and felt incredibly confused by the transportation system all of which led me to feel uncomfortable.  With that said, these experiences also made for some of my most wonderful memories and typically ended with my feeling accomplished, proud and happy.  

“Truly happy people seem to have…

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