Losing people and the importance of family

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With anxiety but not alone

So, I realise it’s been a while since I last wrote, but mostly that’s been because I’ve been feeling pretty good generally. I think this will be a fairly long one though as it covers a lot of ground. I also  realise ‘feeling good’ is a difficult thing to quantify or define but I think that it’s a lot to do with getting out of your own head.


When I’m feeling good I enjoy what I’m doing, who I’m seeing and I look forward to events. Things happen without any effort. When I’m feeling down I second guess everything I think, everything I say. For example: I tell a funny anecdote; it’s a good story, people laugh, they relate to the situation and enjoy it. I can see the positive response…then that little voice in your head says: shut up now. These people don’t want to hear you speak…

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