Here’s Why Canada Sucks: J-Tips For Living In Cleveland

Cleveland's Star 102

So both the men’s and women’s teams lost to Canada in Hockey, so what!? So lets get our haterade chugging on, and talk about why America is better than Canada.

1. Let’s start with the obvious, our flag is waaaaay cooler!

2. We declared our independence from England (fact checkers might have me on this one, but I’m angry!)

3. Football!

4. Crunchwrap Supremes 

5. You have to go to a “beer store” to buy beer.

6. They use “A” as a response, not the vowel it was meant to be.

7. Justin………Bieber (take him back!)

8. I’d rather be a countries pants then their hat!

And Finally…….

American Treasure Rob Ford. (He’s our treasure because he makes our politicians look like Saints, thanks man!)

BTW anyone wanna go halfies on a trip to the Duty Free at the boarder? Hahaha

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