Advantages of building a brick house

Amer Adnan Associates Blog

red brick Red brick is the most popular building material in Pakistan. In fact, the majority of buildings in Lahore are made up of red bricks. Not only does the brick look beautiful, it gives a traditional and classic look to the building and has numerous other advantages. According to many architecture companies in Pakistan , brick serves to be an ideal building material in many ways, some of the main advantages of a brick house are:

Fire resistance:

Brick is composed of clay- a material that can withstand extremely high temperatures and is highly resistant to fires. It has been proven through various experiments that houses built of bricks are least likely to burn down with fire as compared to other building materials.

Termite resistant:

A huge advantage of brick is that it is resistant to termites. As compared to wooden houses, which attract termites, brick is free of these tiny…

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