8 Reasons Why Our Relationships With Our Fathers Are Not Important

Its not True but we have to read all..!?

Thought Catalog

Nick PageNick Page

1. Your father was the first man to ever leave your life.

He taught you some important lessons with doing this. He taught you not to trust so easily, and also to not expect that just because people are your flesh and blood, does not mean that they will be there for you.

2. A father’s lack of love teaches us independence and to love ourselves.

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If your own father doesn’t love you, then who will? You. That’s who. You can’t depend on anyone else to love you. Love yourself because you deserve it. Love yourself because you can’t love anyone else until you do. This is an important element on the path to independence.

3. Fathers will always put a dampener on our dreams.

He isn’t there to egg you on, he’s not there to give you encouragement when you need it most, he…

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