Let’s make beautiful women feel bad…

Art & Design!

Pass Me the Smelling Salts

Advertisers are not in the business of promoting reality. They sell us dreams, and their success depends on how well they gauge our aspirations.

This is not new…and neither is airbrushing (a process that’s been around long before Photoshop came onto the scene), which makes this video all the more gratuitous. There is a sanctimonious vibe to it, as if we relish proof that models really aren’t as attractive as they appear. But more disturbing is the implication that, somehow, preservation of our self-worth relies on this.

Photo manipulation takes time and effort (I don’t think I need to point out that even this video has been edited, and obviously speeded up), which could in turn cost industries the only medium they care about. Looking at it like this, it makes sense to select a model who already approximates the desired end-product.

And yes, such women do exist. Every now and…

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