Hydrogen cars may be great but ….

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If you can’t drive a hydrogen-powered car outside a 150-mile range of the 40 fueling.

THOUGHTS: I am often perplexed by the imbalance between BIG IDEAS like hydrogen, electric, and hybrids and REALITY. Reality says there are many little things that could make cars and fuels safe, cheaper, and more fun.

Reality is…manufacturers, governments, and dealers like the BIG IDEAS because they distract us from REALITY. When it is all said and done does hydrogen really matter.

My focus is the auto SEO/Social Media marketing, education, science, and the car industry. n.

SEO/SOCIAL MEDIA. Traditional advertising is “dead man walking.” Remains a massive market but SEO and Social Media is gutting it. Links directly to education.

EDUCATION: American education is failing on all front. Serious long term and short term impacts. We are losing our ability to compete globally. http://richardcorrierepragmaticteaching.com

SCIENCE: Science is transforming everything. Long before science is turned…

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