Business Class

Over Caffeinated, Under Paid

So this weekend, I had my first-ever business trip. So on my 8 hour flight to LA, I obviously had a lot of down time and I spent my time thinking about all the “professional” things I would be doing, like meeting clients, tracking billable hours, etc. Exciting stuff, right? Well, it turned out that I spent a lot more of my time proving myself, generally about my legitimacy as a young woman. Or even that I was a woman at all; some man at a restaurant actually called me “Sir” as if my short hair blind-sighted him from my boobs and Pink yoga pants. So here’s a list of how I spent my 3 day business trip, excluding the taste test that I programmed, edited, and managed the entirety of Thursday, because, after this week, I doubt anyone believes that I have the capacity to do that.

I arrived…

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