No job? Adventure time?

Darch has cancer will travel...

Latest adventure….

My contract was not renewed, I am in the middle of renovating and normally don’t do well without work for long periods, so with the added stress of renovating and no work this should be a very stressful time.

It is not, or not really. Thinking of heading to Israel, then to Egypt and meeting up with 7 girlfriends in Iceland.

Living in the moment is not my forte, normally everything is planned to the point I have the A through D plan carefully plotted out. A lot going on in this noggin, it never stops and most everything is over thought. It is analysis paralysis really.

Trying to step out of this to enjoy the moment and take advantage of opportunities….

So Israel, Egypt & Iceland.

Since considering this, amazing things have happened, found a less expensive clawfoot tub faucet in the style I wanted, found the…

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