Bucket List – Visit Egypt, especially the Pyramids

Lisa Tiller

 Now I know what you’re thinking, those are two intrepid looking explorers right there; oh yeah!

Visiting the pyramids of Egypt was something that I wanted to do for..ever; for as long as I can remember I have wanted to see them with my own eyes. I was fascinated to learn about the Ancient Egyptians in school, and seeing the Pyramids and the landscape in films and on T.V. made the whole experience seem an almost romantic dream.

After my (then) fiancee and I were engaged and starting to plan our wedding, before any other plans were made, we had figured out our honeymoon. We actually booked our wedding to fit around the honeymoon.. There was a bit of a dilemma at first though when thinking of a destination, my fiancee didn’t like flying but I wanted to travel somewhere, I sure as hell wasn’t staying in England.


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