Joy Rising


That moment when something you’ve looked at for years suddenly looks completely different and leaves you dumbfounded as to how you got there.


Recently I was engaging with the epic story about God leading Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt.

Well, it’s more like God got the Israelites kicked out of Egypt…

…something about a lot of bugs, water turning to blood, and people and animals dropping dead.

But then again – oppressing God’s people is never a wise choice.  Sorry Pharaoh.

In reading this story, it occurred to me that these people had been in slavery all of their lives – 400 years of existing as property.

So when they walked out into the desert as free people for the first time…

I wonder what the Israelites thought?

“We’re free!  We’re free!  Out from under Pharaoh’s thumb!!!!!”

And there was much rejoicing!!!

And then it got quiet…..

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