Deflecting Responsibility

Media and Politics in MENA

Article: 25 January is an Honorable Popular Revolution: Egypt’s president tells activists


Recently I watched the movie The Square (Al Midan), a documentary that follows revolutionaries in Egypt since the first protest that led to the fall of Mubarak in 2011. It left a strong impression on me and was very telling of how little I really knew about the sentiments of the revolutionaries and their message. I may not have been following the revolutions very closely but I was reading about them often in American media. To a point I have to concluded that a lot of what I misunderstood of the events in Egypt was due to the information I received. One specific moment which I remember being completely misinformed about was right after Morsi was elected. Once the protests became violent it seemed that there was a different portrayal of the revolutionaries by the media. This…

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