Charge rage leads to electric car code

Mister Motor Mouth

415 electric charge rage

WITH new technologies come new problems: the trend towards electric cars is outpacing the installation of plug-in points and the result is being called ‘charge rage’.

Owners of electric vehicles – or EVs – may be spared the business of queuing at the petrol pumps but a general shortage of charging points is apparently sparking angry confrontations.

There are an increasing number of reports of drivers arguing and even coming to blows over plug-in points, sometimes actually unplugging other vehicles to charge their own.

The problem is particularly rife in parts of America where charging points are drastically oversubscribed, all brought about because the infrastructure is lagging far behind the boom in electric cars.

Some owners have reported finding their vehicles unplugged when returning to car parks, with other vehicles jumping the queue and stealing the slot.

Quite how this is done is not clear as most electric vehicles ‘lock…

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