Let Sleeping Groundhogs Lie – some advice from Mitchell Kyd


3 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Groundhogs Lie – some advice from Mitchell Kyd

  1. Thanks for the reblog–and the credit! That punk Phil did see his shadow yesterday–six more weeks of winter. To emphasize that point, we are getting hammered with snow today. I think I’ll make a batch of groundhog cookies…


  2. Sometimes I wonder why haven’t I become a homicidal maniac yet. And then I take note of the cyphers. And I realise, there are folks in a far worse position than me. I mean, I fed these mouse trappers a few bits of cheese and they went wild with glee. They are so hungry for attention that they will hack and communicate via cryptic language. I am touched by all of your concern but I am really fine. My issues are my own to deal with. You folks managed to hack almost all the connections in my little town to find me. I really feel sorry for you in your desperation. 90 or 500. They are numbers. Truth always wins in the end. And the truth is.. One day or the other, one of you will make a tiny slip. It is inevitable. You will then find yourselves sharing your own brand of humor with a resident groundhog. If not a cell, then time itself will decide. Not losers like you. Your group has stolen a lot of data. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Good luck in your altruistic hunt. -TheOriginalGroundHog.TM-


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